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Custom Morse Code Bracelet - Cupid

Custom Morse Code Bracelet - Cupid

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Make a lasting statement with our Morse Code Bracelet, whose bead scheme makes the message easy to read and Infinite Loop design ensures it resonates forever.

How We’re “Beading” the Competition:

  • Affordable - We’ve done extensive research to ensure we offer a premium product of unrivaled quality at an unparalleled price point.
  • Durable - We use 100% stainless steel parts including welded jump rings and Beadalon 49 strand stringing wire; there is no weakest link.
  • Elegant - Each bracelet is handcrafted using Preciosa Czech glass beads known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
  • Risk-free - We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in the unlikely event you are unhappy with your purchase.
  • Support - We stand by the quality and workmanship of our jewelry and offer a 1 Year Warranty for production defects.

Average Order Sizes (Women 6.5-7, Men 7.5-8)

Approximate Production Time: 3 Days

Questions? Feel free to get more Info, check out the FAQ, and review our Returns policy. If you're still unsure about ordering, you can also Contact us with any questions you may have.

Flavor & Fashion

This limited time Cupid bracelet adorned with red and pink beads encapsulates the romantic and affectionate essence of the occasion. The red beads symbolize love, passion, and the warmth of heartfelt emotions. This vibrant hue is associated with romance and desire, creating a mood that is both intense and intimate. Paired with the pink beads, reminiscent of delicate blossoms and tender affection, the bracelet captures the softer and more tender aspects of love. Pink represents sweetness and compassion, adding a touch of softness and femininity to the accessory. Together, the combination of red and pink creates a bracelet that not only resonates with the romantic spirit of Valentine's Day but also radiates a warm and loving energy.

When incorporated into various outfits, this bracelet becomes a versatile accessory that complements the romantic color palette. Red and pink naturally pair well with each other, creating a classic and timeless look perfect for the occasion. The bracelet can be elegantly styled with outfits in shades of white, cream, or black to allow the vibrant red and pink colors to take center stage. Additionally, it complements floral prints and other feminine patterns, enhancing the overall romantic aesthetic. Whether worn on a romantic date night or as a thoughtful gift, this Cupid bracelet adds a touch of love and charm to the celebration of affection and connection.

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